ethyl-hexedrone  (otherwise called n-ethyl-hexedrone and hexen) is a stimulant research synthetic having a place with the cathinone gathering. Ethyl-hexedrones incitement is accepted to be caused by its proclivity as a NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor); be that as it may, there have been no logical examinations affirming this. ethyl-hexedrone   is firmly identified with hexedrone, with an additional ethyl-amass on the carbon chain containing the nitrogen. This expansion makes it around 3x as strong as hexedrone. . Little research exists about ethyl-hexedrone and its parent compound
ethyl-hexedrone  . All measurements data found on the web ought to be treated with alert.

Overwhelming amphetamine crashes in the interim: 4 (3x headfuck, 1x bodyfuck)


Review: +98% (unadulterated white crystalline powder)

Measurement: 70mg is very overwhelming, hard

After a few measurements sums required decline outrageous. 5mg or less kicks in smooth and pleasantly. (those little amouts are difficult to see even). More is at times truly hard. All things considered, as I utilized the scale just for the main starting measurement, i don’t generally know how much my maximum dose was. (Probaly to much; later…)

Impacts: much like Cocaine, kinda like Amphetamine going on for 2 to 5 hours

Note: I really loathe cocaine. Indeed, either in light of the fact that I never had great quality or cocaine just sucks truly. When I initially took Hexen I promptly perceived this cocaine feeling (brainfuck, nervouse and depleting crap, conscience thing and the by and large “done gimme rest” feeling), however consolidated with amphetamine like surge. I like! Along these lines, its like this hexen has every one of the products from different medications. Be that as it may, not the terrible things. I like significantly more!


Be cautioned this stuff can make you dependent once you take it and like it!

Likewise in light of the fact that there are no reactions which makes this compound exceptionally perilous when it is not controlled. Which it isn’t around the world, same as with other hard medications.

So while there is a high review habit hazard. It’s anything but difficult to get spotless from it, tho. No sweating at daytime (just at evenings, who minds), no issues with resting, no headfuck.


5 Weeks constantly tranquilize utilization (sick@home at any rate)

2 Weeks practically without rest, possibly 10 hours, most likely just a rest in any case.

…making music, djing, making grafics, chill, listen music, read stuff all over, learning


Just a single week before Hexen i had an amphetamine bodyfuck. All things considered, awful harmful poo, yellow skin, abnormal general dead body feeling scarcely ready to move. Halted with drugs for one week. Kinda recuperated, with the exception of the weight reduction.

A companion of mine discovered this compound by fortunes and had just a couple of doses. So we scanned for additional after we used to appreciate it. The nearby online merchant printed the accompanying message “last call for hexen as it will be prohibited soon”. Also, we were thinking “FUCK, NO FUCK. NOOOOO!”… So we thought, when restricted we will presumably never get this stuff until the end of time.. Think, Think, fiend think… not wanna dawdle on this, I purchased 20 gram for 350 Eur and another 20 gram yet a bit sheaper from another merchant. Better protected, at that point too bad. General 40 Gram for pretty much 500 Eur. Should last half a month, we thougth.

Along these lines, following 5 A month and a half, 2 individuals high as fuck all day, every day, practically. 10 gram gone…. Ehm, I think I purchased way tooooooo much. Hmpf. Don’t bother.

Symptoms – here and now:

all things considered, I dont know how to state. There are no “terrible” reactions. When you do amphe a considerable measure, at that point you can securely say symptoms don’t exist. (looked at)

no headache, ready to eat, ready to rest/rest.

opposite symptoms:

– No errection issues, which I dont even have on certain high doses of amphe any longer.

– Peeing all the time. better believe it is bothering poo… lol

+ parchedness is overwhelming

+ heart beat is overwhelming

+ longing for is overwhelming, I have a tendency to kinda overdose regularly.

+ thick yellow snot (monstrous) tops off the nose completly, unfit to breath through nose

Reactions – long haul:

+dehydration is substantial

+water in legs, which is most likely on the grounds that the heart is depleted (!?)

+ugly stomachache on the left side in the wake of taking a measurement, I figure because of a gastrointestinal issue since this hexen appear to incapacitate the inside (!?) and i had a considerable measure air flowing in it, which i could feel and listen. Likewise, I was not ready to crap for some last days (possibly 1 week even). Which could be a result of drying out were the entrail and anything in it is to dry to be transported. I don’t know. Could likewise have been a spinal pain which emanates to the front paunch. Or, then again perhaps even a mix off all these. lol. After a great deal water and 1-2 days rest everything back to typical.

different impacts:

– Rest: Its very bizarre that you can by one means or another pick whether you need to go to rest or remain wakeful for quite a long time. Most likely as a result of the fleeting impact. It’s kinda simple to get your rest in the event that you require/need it.

– kinda painkiller

– Nose: no torment/no issues after this 5 weeks time span

Following 2 weeks no rest/rest I was as yet ready to code, make music, compose stuff, think straight. Kinda done, yet at the same time alright. Outlandish with or with no other medication I’m mindful of.

Following 5 weeks I rested kinda ache surprisingly (?) and following day and a shower later, amaze, practically recoverd. A day in the wake of, everything back to ordinary.

poly medicate utilize:

in the interim this hexen session I did amphetamine, 3-FPM (crap, dont like it), RTI-111 (poop, dont like it), cannabis, liquor (brew) and 5F-ADB (5F-MDMB-PINACA) (simply puzzled, no choice on great or awful, its both, lol)


this blend is galactic marvelous. out of space high. 1000x better then hexen alone and cocaine is immaculate crap contrasted with that. I had this shivering sensation in one spot in my mind which felt so fuckin great. Not compareable with anything I know. What’s more, I had this minutes where I had such a large number of smart thoughts. It truly felt like a mind-growing thing. Making music was simple as painting a photo. So touchable and unmistakable. Whatever i needed to chronicle I knew about how to complete it, which is typically not the situation. lol


5F-ADB is truly hazardous. Just little sum expected to get super stoned. (~< 1mg!?)

More of it and its not clever any longer. Think about a loathsomeness stumble on DMT.

Its some way or another abnormal that this cannabinoid when smoked to much dislike cannabis stoned-feeling any longer. It resembles DMT (Tryptamine) and an excessive amount of pot (overdosed) in the meantime, which I can let you know is awfulness. Make you think something extremely loathsome happens. Dread while trippin = extremely debilitating.

5F-ADB is nothing for tenderfoots!!!

This stuff can execute you! (which as of now happened regularly all around the globe)


Afterall, this hexen is my top choice. I luv it! Figure i’m not amphetamin dependent any longer. lol respects

sniDr! included 249 Minutes and after 55 seconds…

shivering sensation in cerebrum spot:

after a little audit i can state, this spot is some place in the Frontal Flap. Which is very interessting. Is it safe to say that it isn’t?

sniDr! included 8 Minutes and after 33 seconds…

gracious i neglect to say that i just grunted, no IV, nor Oral

sniDr! included 6 Minutes and after 41 seconds…